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Here are a few things that our guests had to say about Mayal Lyang homestay:

.. one of the best travel experiences I've ever had .. Read more ..

The flow of the river, the magnificence of the surroundings, the eternity of the place.. makes you go ... numb maybe. Read more ..

It was an absolutely unforgettable trip. The place is magical .. Read more ..

I cannot imagine any other place as quite and stunning as the Dzungu Valley Read more ..

Its so wonderful with its breath taking mountain ranges, clean and refreshing nature, vegetation is abundant, unspoiled - an ecological delight. Read more ..

Expect to meet the nicest people you have ever met! Read more ..

A fairly steep and narrow path leads from the road down to Mayal Lyang Homestay, where we were welcomed by our host Gyatso Lepcha and his family. The view from Mayal Lyang down the river valley and across the mid range mountains and snow covered peaks is truly picturesque. Orange trees loaded with ripe oranges at arms’ length in front of the veranda are an additional attraction during the winter months adding colour to the vast expanse of green and sweetness to our taste buds. Read more ..

The place and our stay there are something we’ll never forget. The place was so beautiful & peaceful. Just what we had wanted. Read more ..

Far from the crazy world‎ - an unforgettable experience. Read more ..