Watch birds

Bird in DzonguSikkim has a rich avifaunal diversity. Out of the 1200 or so birds found in India, 550 can be seen in Sikkim. Of this, more than 200 different birds can be seen in the Dzongu area. Bird in DzonguThe climate and geography here vary from the moderately hot and humid forests in the valleys to the cold snow capped mountains. The sparse population with scattered houses, dense evergreen forests with topographical extremes is responsible for such a huge variety of birds found here. The rivers do their part in supporting such an amazing bio-diversity here

The altitude variation ensures that you get to see both high altitude birds, as well as birds that live in hills of lower altitudes. Dzongu is very thinly populated and there is hardly any vehicular population. There is no scarcity of water in any season. Hence the trees and vegetation prosper freely and provide an excellent habitat for the birds. This makes Dzongu a great place for the avid Bird Watcher.