Eat Organic Food

Traditional Lepcha Dishes - Purely OrganicEvery dish you eat here will be made of food items grown in Dzongu. All the vegetables, fruits and grains grown here are purely ‘organic’, in true sense of the word. No fertilizer or chemical substance of any kind is used on the plants. It is so not because of our desire to grow ‘organic’ food, which is more of a recent term. We grow the food without any chemicals etc. because none are required. We have never used them and have never felt the need to introduce such foreign substances in the nature here. So you get Organic food here by default, not as matter of choice or extra money spent. Traditional Lepcha Dish - Khoori

You can accompany us to the farms to see how we do everything without any sophisticated equipment and you can even see us preparing the food. Even the poultry and the animals are fed the grains and vegetables grown here. The fish is caught in the river flowing through the valley, with hardly any population upstream to cause any pollution to the river. So everything you eat here will be pure and unadulterated. Hence you will find this food surprisingly light and easy to digest.

There are plenty of things to try here. Start with the Lepcha ‘Salt Tea’. Then sample all the delicacies we have to offer, like the Khoori. The slide show below shows the preperation of Khoori . Try our traditional drink ‘Chee’, brewed from fermented millets. Or have a taste of the vegetables and fruits which include cucumbers the size of your fore-arms and bananas the size of your fingers!