Hee Gyathang

Hee GyathangHee Gyathang Village lies in Lower Dzongu and can be easily reached by jeep from Passingdang. Here, a small lake decorated with prayers flags is nestled between the trees and bushes. The Lepchas believe that the small silver fish in this lake were created from the lice of a goddess. It is said that a supernatural being fell in love with this divine princess. Their children and the subsequent generations are called the Heemo, a Lepcha clan which inhabits the village.

The Heemos believe that if the silver fish in the lake becomes extinct, all the people from their clan will die and thus the lake is extremely sacred to them. This is another example of the intricate bond the Lepcha feel that they share with the nature around them. If you have time in your hand do spend a night with the villagers here.