Trekking in Dzongu 

Backpacking in Dzongu, North Sikkim, IndiaThe Himalayas here provide for Treks with varying difficulty levels. You will pass through stunning sceneries and beautiful farm lands on every trek. Longer backpacking trips will involve trekking through dense jungle groves and across pristine glacial streams. En-route you will come across sparsely populated Lepcha villages and amazing natural beauty in terms of flora & fauna

For starters, you can ascend from the Passingdang village to Lingthem, which is a short but steep hike of about 2 hours. A small hike of 45 minutes or so will take you up to the Kusong Village, starting at the Tingvong village. A day’s trek will take you to Tholung, which is about 20 kilometers from Lingza falls, not too far from Passingdang

Trekking in Keushong in DzonguBut perhaps the most rewarding of all the treks possible here is the Keushong Trek, which ends at the beautiful Keushong lake. To make this trip, you need to backpack for about 6 days. You reach Tholung the first day, spend a day there acclimatizing, and then one more day will see you at Keushong. Sped your fourth day sitting near the tranquil Keushong lake or exploring the flower laden valley. Click pictures of the snow clad mountains which look only a stone’s throw away from there. Camp in Keushong overnight and start the next day to reach Passingdang in two days, with a stop at Tholung in between.

Whether you like small hikes or backpacking for days in a row, the Lepcha guides here will help you. Contact us to know more about the trekking options in dzongu.