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Khamri .. or as we say Hello in Lepcha. I am Gyatso. I and my wife Samsay have started this eco-tourism venture with a few Lepcha youth from Dzongu. Thank you for logging on our website.

We provide home stays wherein you can experience the warmth and hospitality of the Lepcha people. We believe that to know a place, you have to know it’s people. Hence we make sure that our guests understand our culture, traditions, the surroundings we live in, and everything else that is so dear to us. We are fluent in Lepcha, Hindi, Nepali and English and will help you to explore the place to enjoy the beauty nature has been kind enough to gift us with. We welcome you to experience Dzongu through us.

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Our culture and way of life is centuries old and we are the aboriginal inhabitants of Sikkim.  However, for the past few years we have been fighting to save this land, the mountains, the wildlife and all the sections of ecology. The upcoming Hydro Power Projects are threatening to dry out our very life lines, the rivers. In our struggle, we have been on relay hunger strikes for nearly 3 years now. We have been successful to some extent, and still fighting. To know more about our struggle for Rongyung Chu, please log on to http://weepingsikkim.blogspot.com.

We have always felt that development can be achieved without destroying our fragile ecology, culture and tradition. This was how we came up with the idea of Mayal Lyang, an ecotourism venture. We want everyone to see how beautiful this place is and how intricately our way of life is linked to the nature.  We strongly feel that such a venture can bring sustainable economic development to Dzongu and can empower our community, without affecting the pristine nature around us in any way.  This in our opinion is the best way to move forward and ensure that we pass on this beautiful gift of god to our future generations. We believe that conservation of Nature is equally important to all of us because we all live under the same sky and the walk the one Earth.

Please feel free to write to us if you have any query or are interested to know more about us.

Gyatso Lepcha
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